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New England Oyster Shucker


 Since 2021

With years of combined experience in the shellfish industry, our family has farmed and harvested every kind of shellfish in the Northeast. We started our years in Freeport, Maine with some of the leading pioneers of sustainable aquaculture, who have made shellfish farming what it is today.
Additionally, many years have been spent working in Duxbury, Massachusetts for the largest wholesalers in the Nation. Our goal is to source the best shellfish while using the best cultivation practices. This will provide customers a worry-free experience, and maybe teach them a thing or two along the way!

Duxbury Oyster Farming
Oyster Farming

The Company

Otter Rock Shellfish Co. is dedicated to providing seafood lovers with the freshest most environmentally-friendly seafood. The days of paying unreasonable prices for poor quality seafood are over. We offer the answers to the Who, What, Where, and How your food arrives on your plate. We like to bring transparency to an industry that is otherwise difficult to navigate.
No more eating seafood that has been sitting in a walk-in cooler just to be transported from one place to another with no backstory. We offer a catering service that sources shellfish directly from farmers and licensed distributors at Wholesale prices. Each of our products has a special story and we are here to keep you in the loop! Need help opening your bivalves or planning your next nautical party? We’re here to help!

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